Roof Coatings, Texas

Your roof is made of durable material, however, it will not last a lifetime. It will wear off and get damaged as it ages.  There are options to extend your roof’s lifespan. The most affordable way to do this is applying a roof coating.  Not only will roof coating prolong the life of your roof, it will also reduce energy consumption. You may be aware that roof coatings have reflective properties.  This lessens the load on the HVAC system of your property. Coating are like a protective layer that can protects your roof from extreme weather conditions.  Moreover, coating your roof will enhance the appearance of your roof making it look like new.  Contact Dallas Commercial Coating of Texas  today to get a free estimate.

What kind of roof can be coated?

Almost all types of roofs can be coated including metal, polyurethane, single-ply, asphalt roofing systems and much more.

How are coatings applied?

The coating can be applied using spray, brush or a roller.

How long will the coating last?

How long a coating will last depends on the thickness of coating and weather conditions. Typically roof coating can extend the life of a roof by 10 to 15 years.

What maintenance is done for roof coatings to last?

A roofing contractor will visually inspect your roof  for signs of damage. The inspector will also inspect the gutters and drains.

Can a rusted roof be coated?

Before roof coating can be applied the rust conditions have to addressed. Rust can be removed or treated with a corrosion inhibiting primer. If your roof is zinc or aluminum, Dallas Commercial Coatings clean it for you and then coat it.

Will the roof coating stop roof leaks?

Dallas Commercial Coating will first repair your leaking roof.  After that we will apply roof coating. Coatings can seal pinholes that cannot be seen with the Naked eye.

Can a roof coating withstand ponding water conditions?

Many coatings are designed to withstand ponding water. Your roof should also be designed with proper drainage.

How long does it take the coating to dry?

How long it takes for the coating to dry depends upon various factors such as wind, roof service temperature, humidity, type of coating and color.

In what weather conditions can the coating be applied?

The best temperatures to apply a surface coating is between 56°F and 99°F.  This is because lower air temperatures result in delayed curing times, that can affect the coating’s performance.