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Spray On Roof Coating Restoration –  Do You Need It?

Do spray roof coatings work?

Applying spray roof coating can prolong the life of your roof by at least 10+ years. This equals out to less materials and resources utilized to repair your roof.  Depending on the color, the coating, can help preserve energy, thus save on utilities.

You’ve probably know that commercial spray roof coatings can save you money and energy costs while restoring the waterproofing capabilities of your roof. But is your commercial facility eligible for a spray roof coating restoration? Contact Dallas Commercial Coating to discuss if you need spray roof coating or another type of coating.

Silicone Restoration Membrane for Commercial Roofs

At Dallas Commercial Coating, we’ve been restoring commercial roof systems by applying coating in order to save you thousands of dollars. If your commercial flat roof is in fair working condition, we can install a silicone restoration membrane to extend the life of your roof. Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing, or spray foam roofing, is a material that’s sprayed as a liquid, therefore it can expand into a foam, creating a solid layer across an existing roof. The usual application of spray foam is to repair and re-invigorate an existing roof by removing the saturated areas, replacing with like materials, and then spraying foam over top of the entire roof.

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Spray Roof Coatings

Spray applied coatings are one of the best flat roof materials available today. Spray roof coatings do not require tearing, and most people consider their disadvantages to be minor. They aren’t perfect, but they avoid many of the issues that plague other roofing systems. Consult your professional company Dallas Commercial Coating if you are considering spray-applied coating to determine which is best for your roof and climate.

Spray Roof Coatings

Spray coatings

Spray roof coatings are a relatively new development in the roofing industry. They don’t yet have the reputation or clout of many other roofing materials to be considered industry leaders, but their performance in the market has been impressive. Spray roof coatings are just one of the many flat roof replacement options available today.

The benefit of any spray roof coating is its ease of application. Simply apply the coating while standing on the roof with a pump and a sprayer. Most coatings adhere directly to most substrates without the use of a primer, so that is another step you can skip.

Spray  coatings are highly reflective. When the coatings cure, they reflect the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere, helping to keep both the roof surface and the building interior cool, saving energy.

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